Alishan GABA Green Oolong - Winter 2022 Harvest

No sprays or pesticides used. High mountain green oolong. GABA (gaba-aminobutyric acid) naturally occurs in all tea. GABA tea undergoes a vacuum anaerobic fermentation process which increases the GABA content in the tea leaf. To qualify as a GABA tea, the tea must have a minimum of 150g of GABA per 100g of tea.

Our Alishan GABA tea is hand harvested from Alishan Mountain at an elevation of 1,000m. This tea has a wonderful smooth viscous taste with sweet umami and unique vegetal GABA fragrance and contains 200-250mg of GABA per 100g of tea. A favorite of many customers!

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Alishan Mountain, Taiwan
Pesticide & spray free
Caffeine Level:
Loose Leaf
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