Anji Bai Cha Green - 2022 Ming Qian Harvest

Sun's favorite green tea. Harvested from the Tianmu Mountains in Zhejiang, China from unofficially organic tea plants. Anji bai cha has fresh fragrance, rich umami (due to high amino acid content), sweet taste and rich mouthfeel. Only harvested in a 30-day period once a year and revered as a most prized tea during the Song Dynasty.

A must-try for fans of fresh spring green teas from China. The 2021 Ming Qian harvest of this tea was the first to sell out last year and we ordered it twice! 

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Zhejiang, China
Unofficially organic
Caffeine Level:
Medium - High
Loose Leaf
Gongfu Brew:
3.5g of tea in 4oz of hot water (less than 176F/80C) for 25s. Add +5s per subsequent infusion
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