Ceremonial Grade Matcha - South Korea

This 2021 spring harvested matcha is partially shade-grown, full bodied & vegetal. Great for drinking straight and for a morning energy boost. This matcha is harvested in late spring which results in a lower caffeine matcha (it's still very caffeinated, just less caffeine than early spring harvested matcha).

The main difference between this grade of matcha and the culinary plus grade is that more tender leaves are used for the ceremonial grade, and the veins and stems have been removed for the ceremonial grade. Ceremonial is better for those who really savor a smooth taste and do not add anything to their matcha (i.e. milk or sugar). 

Harvested & processed by a small family farm in South Korea. No pesticides sprayed. 

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Jeolla-Namdo, South Korea
no pesticides used
Caffeine Level:
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