Holiday Spirits Bundle

Every year we thoughtfully curate different tea gift sets for presents to friends, family and colleagues and we take input from our customers to create these sets! We review our tea selection annually and refresh the selection so each year, the same kit will have something different or unique from the year before.

Every tea in the set is carefully packaged in an elegant 4x6 gold bag with printed label, and all the teas are presented in an rich emerald green organza gift bag with gold foil stamp of our logo, ready to be gifted. All labels will include specific instructions on how to brew each tea.

This year, the 2022-2023 Holiday Spirits bundle comprises a mix of both caffeinated and non-caffeinated teas with aromas that are well-suited for the celebrations of the holiday season, including warm apple cinnamon, hot rum cocoa, maple walnut, orange spice and winter punch. This bundle is for those who love Christmas and enjoy strong aromas that evoke holiday traditions and memories.

1oz Constant Comfort Black (caffeinated)
1oz Apple Cider Tisane (non-caffeinated)
1oz Hot Rum Cocoa Rooibos (non-caffeinated)
1oz Love Potion #79 (non-caffeinated)
1oz Maple Walnut Pralines Green (caffeinated)

If you gifted someone the Holiday Spirits bundle last year, you can give it again this year. We changed some of the teas to mix it up and give you and your loved ones an opportunity to try new things!

The Holiday Spirits bundle does not include shipping. The pictures illustrate what the packaging looks like. The teas will match what you ordered in your bundle! 

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