Huo Shan Yellow - Early Spring 2021

Huo Shan yellow tea is one of three famous Chinese yellow teas, with the other two Meng Ding Huang Ya and Jun Shan Yin Zhen. The tea produced in Huoshan (Anhui, China) is historically a specialty of Huo Shan County. During the Tang Dynasty, the Emperor Tang Xian Zong positioned 3,000 soldiers in Huoshan to protect its precious tea gardens, while during the Ming Dynasty, Huoshan tea was classified tribute tea, enjoyed exclusively by the royal family. In 2008, Huo Shan yellow tea was designated as a special gift tea for the embassies of foreign athletes during the Beijing Olympic games. 

The local hand-harvesting of our Huo Shan yellow tea started after the spring rain in 2021 and uses a high plucking standard of one bud, one leaf, or one bud with 2 newly opened leaves.

Our Huo Shan yellow tea is lightly charcoal roasted. The sweet mellow tea liquor is light yellow and the carries a strong, floral and ripe chestnut fragrance which lingers on the palate. The aftertaste of this tea is sweet and deep.

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Huo Shan County, Anhui Province, China
Yes, EU compliant
Caffeine Level:
Loose Leaf
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