Mao Feng Green

Mao Feng (translated "Downy Peak") is so called because of the downy hairs (trichomes) found on the buds of the tea where much of the fragrance and flavor of the tea resides. Our Mao Feng was harvested in the spring of 2022, from the alpine regions of Fuding, Fujian Province, China. 

Mao Feng is known for its light, clean and refreshing flavor. It is not tannic nor astringent. The aroma of this tea is of a fresh meadow. This spring tea has an excellent aroma and lingering sweet, smooth flavor, and if you have not tried fresh Chinese green tea, this one is definitely worth a try, particularly at this price! This is a great entry level tea to brew gongfu style and to begin one's appreciation of a spring harvest tea. 

This tea is not officially organic, but is certified for EU import, which means that it has been tested for pesticide residue levels and passed. The EU is known for its very strict standards and so if you are concerned about residues, this tea can be enjoyed with great confidence. 

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Fuding, Fujian Province, China
Certified for import to EU (very strict low levels of pesticide residues allowed)
Caffeine Level:
Loose Leaf
Western Brew:
4g of tea in 227mL (8oz) of water at 165-170F/74-77C for 2.5 mins. Add 30s per subsequent brew
Gongfu Brew:
4g of tea in 100mL (4oz) of water at 176F/80C for 20s. Add 5s per subsequent brew
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