Osmanthus Black

We are excited to offer a new osmanthus black tea. The base of this tea is our Gongfu Black which has been blended with golden, premium quality osmanthus flowers from Guangxi, and nothing else. If you have smelled osmanthus flowers before, you will be familiar with the divine ambrosia-like fragrance. Coupled with the red stone fruit and caramel tones of the Gongfu Black, this tea blend's sweet aroma and silkiness and can be enjoyed standalone or with a splash of milk! 

If you are not familiar with osmanthus flowers, they smell sweet, like the fragrance of ripe peaches and apricots. If you have not had osmanthus tea before, this classic chinese tea will be a treat! 

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Fujian Province & Guangxi, China
Tea is certified for import to EU (very strict low levels of pesticide residues allowed), but flowers are not
Caffeine Level:
Loose Leaf
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