Yunnan "Dian Lu" Green

This spring 2021 harvest tea is from a tea garden located in Simao, South Yunnan. The tea is hand harvested and the tea cultivar is the same as that used for pu'erh tea, resulting in a green tea with a robust flavor. 

Our Yunnan Dian Lu has light vegetal and floral notes and a strong tea flavor that can be controlled by brewing. This is a great starter tea for those who are new to gongfu brewing and would like to practice on a green tea that has great flavor and does not break the bank! For Western style brewing, we recommend brewing at a lower temperature (165F/74C) to minimize astringency, if you prefer a smoother taste.


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Yunnan Province, China
unofficially organic
Caffeine Level:
Loose Leaf
Gongfu Brew:
3.5g of tea in 4oz of hot water (less than 176F/80C) for 25s. Add +5s per subsequent infusion
Western Brew:
4g of tea in 8oz of hot water (165F/74C) for 2 mins. Add +30s per subsequent infusion
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