About Us

Established in 2010, Sun's Organic Garden Chinatown (SOGC) is a small magical oasis retailing 500+ specialty organic & wildcrafted teas, herbs and wellness products in bustling New York City.


 SOGC's mission is to offer a curated collection of premium quality, loose leaf teas & herbs from around the world and to educate the community on the wellness benefits of using high quality tea & herbs for health. The company aims to differentiate itself through quality product, science-backed research and personalized customer service.

The shop was originally started by a first generation Chinese female entrepreneur, who brought her love of tea as well as her family's generational herbal health recipes to America to start the first Sun's Organic Garden in NYC's well-loved Chinatown community. 


Years later, she met Natalie, the current owner of the company. At the time of their meeting, Natalie was on her own health journey (from working in Tribeca immediately after 9/11) and was in search for natural healthy solutions to implement into her lifestyle. Natalie benefited greatly from the teas, herbs & caring advice shared with her at Sun's Organic Garden!

When the founder of Sun's Organic Garden announced her retirement, Natalie decided to leave her career in the financial industry behind, and keep Sun's Organic Garden alive by infusing her own love of tea & all things health, and by sharing her knowledge with the Sun's Organic Garden Chinatown community.

Please note that only loose leaf teas are available on this website. If you would like to purchase herbs, please visit our separate herb online catalog, accessible in the link below.

Come visit us to learn about tea, herbs & wellness today!