Bi Tan Piaoxue Green

Piaoxue is a premium jasmine tea and is directly translated "Snow Drop on Emerald Lake". When this tea is brewed in a glass, the tea leaves fall to the bottom while the white jasmine petals float on the surface of the light green tea lake, becoming a visual poem of snowflakes falling into an emerald pool. The tea blends early spring harvest green tea (typically the premium harvest of green tea) with late autumn harvest jasmine flowers (most fragrant with the highest concentration of essential oils in the flowers). The tea undergoes a traditional scenting process which is repeated multiple times over a period of several weeks to lock in an extraordinary jasmine fragrance in the tea. 

For the scenting of this precious tea, tea masters will use a 60/40 ratio of green tea to jasmine flowers and will repeat the scenting process multiple times. Lower grades of jasmine tea will use less flowers and lower grade tea and jasmine flowers which were harvested earlier in the season (less fragrant). To make Piaoxue, the jasmine flowers are harvested in the early morning while it is still dark so the blooms are not yet fully open, and the flowers are brought back to the factory immediately. Tea masters will layer the green tea between layers of jasmine flowers until the pile is almost half a foot high. The flowers are eventually separated from the tea after several hours, where they might be re-used for a lower grade jasmine tea. 

The jasmine petals in the Piaoxue tea are not the same jasmine flowers that were used to scent the tea, as after the scenting process, the flowers turn yellow. These freshly harvested petals are dried and included as part of the visual effect, but not to add scent to the tea. 

For lovers of jasmine tea, this is our freshest and most fragrant premium jasmine tea. It's something really special for a gift! 

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    This tea is a delight for the senses

    Posted by Danny on 8th Oct 2022

    -The smell is a field of tall grass and wild flowers -The taste dances along the tongue leaving behind floral dream clouds -You can see, and feel, that this tea has been cultivated and prepared with the utmost care and Love. -Listening closely you hear Uncle Iroh “Good tea is its own reward.” I couldn’t agree more….Bi Tan Piaoxue maybe the best jasmine tea I have ever had.

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    Best tea

    Posted by Ileana on 28th Aug 2022

    I was introduced to this tea by Natalie…love this tea…. Is one of my favorites

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    Smell Extremely Good

    Posted by Peg on 20th Jan 2022

    Smell Extremely Good. Lighter taste. Excellent Bi Tan Piao Xue.

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Sichuan Province (Tea), Guangxi Province (Flowers), China
Yes, unofficially
Caffeine Level:
Loose Leaf
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