Chrysanthemum Flowers White (Gong Ju)

Our premium white chrysanthemums are also known as "gong ju", which means tribute chrysanthemum, of signficant calibre to be served to emperors in ancient times. These white chrysanthemums are among the sweetest varieties and highly fragrant. They are not bitter at all. 

These white chrysanthemums are very popular with our customers and excellent for drinking standalone, or with goji berries or added to puerh. They are harvested among very pristine areas in Huangshan mountain in Anhui Province, China. 

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine "TCM", gongju chrysanthemums can protect the liver, improve eyesight, reduce body "heat", support hypertension, reduce headaches and nourish the stomach. 

The quality of our gong ju chyrsanthemums is high. the flowers are evenly colored and mostly of an even size. These chrysanthemums are perfect for gift giving to those who drink this tisane regularly or someone who is looking for an elevated floral tea with excellent fragrance and flavor. These are much more special than the yellow hang ju chrysanthemums, which are more commonly available. 

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Huangshan Mountain, Anhui Province, China
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