Herbal Holidays Bundle

We've curated several bundles to give away as gifts to friends, family and colleagues. Each bundle is packaged using our elegant 4x6 gold bags with printed labels and kraft or paperwhite box, ready to be gifted. Each gift box will include our beautiful new gold-foil sticker, designed by @harry_trinh, and our "How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea" postcard for those who are new to the world of tea. 

Thoughtfully curated and by the Chinatown Tea Lady herself! 

The Herbal Holidays bundle comprises a mix of popular tisanes spanning a range of flavor from sweet and fruity to smooth & earthy to fresh & fragrant. None of these tisanes have caffeine. 

2oz Sweet Mango Fruit Tisane
1oz Organic Rooibos Chai
1oz Ginger Lemongrass (contains licorice)
1oz Reiki Tisane 
1oz The Good Earth (contains licorice)

The Herbal Holidays bundle does not include shipping. The pictures illustrate what the packaging looks like. The teas will match what you ordered in your bundle! 

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