Oolong Lovers Bundle

Our Oolong Lovers bundle is an introductory sampler kit to those who are new to the world of oolong. We have selected four unique oolongs, some green, some more oxidized, some partially roasted for the person who is interested in sampling the diversity of oolong teas that can be found in Taiwan. If you've wanted to try oolong but haven't known where to start, this bundle is a great place to start your journey. The teas are easy to brew and not intimidating and very easily enjoyed. 

Every tea in the set is carefully packaged in an elegant 4x6 gold bag with printed label, and all the teas are presented in an rich emerald green organza gift bag with gold foil stamp of our logo, ready to be given away or kept for yourself! All labels will include specific instructions on how to brew each tea.

1oz Osmanthus
1oz GABA Topaz 
1oz Phoenix Empress (Gui Fei)
1oz Jade

The Oolong Lovers bundle does not include shipping. The pictures illustrate what the packaging looks like. The teas will match what you ordered in your bundle! 

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