Pomegranate Black Tea - Decaf

Decaffeinated ceylon black tea with pomegranate arils and raspberry pieces. An aromatic black tea that will allow you to enjoy a fragrant cup of tea without keeping you from your sleep! 

I don't typically drink decaf teas, preferring herbals or teas with low caffeine. However, I recently reached out to try this one, wanting some variation to what I normally drink in the afternoon. The dry fragrance is quite fruity, but upon brewing, the fruity flavor becomes quite mild and balances very well with the ceylon. There is also a hint of floral fragrance in the tea. The tea is smooth and not at all astringent or rough. Overall, if you're looking for a decaf black, I do recommend this one, and I'm thinking of adding it to my afternoon rotation! 

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Caffeine Level:
Very very low
Loose Leaf
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