2010 Ripe Puerh - Lao Ban Zhang Village, Bulang Mtn

Shou puerh is also known as "ripe" fermented black tea specifically from the Big Leaf cultivar in Yunnan Province, China. This particular cake is from Bu Lang Mountain, one of the 12 famous puerh mountains in Yunnan. The tea is rich in earthy fragrance and smooth in taste. The tea was harvested in early spring 2010. Puerh harvested in early spring uses more buds and tender leaves, resulting in tea with stronger and more enduring flavor & fragrance. 

This ripe puerh is a "go-to" for many of our NYC customers and a great place to start if you are new to shou pu'erh and wish to drink it for more than health reasons. 

Shou puerh is a probiotic tea and is excellent for digestive health and for warming the body. It steeps very strong and provides multiple pours per serving. 

We break the cake into "fragments" for our customers to try. Each fragment can be broken up further into 3g or ~1 tsp servings. 


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Lao Ban Zhang Village, Bulang Mountain, Yunnan, China
Yes, unofficially
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Broken up cake