Premium Da Hong Pao Oolong

Da Hong Pao ("Big Red Robe") is one of the most famous and storied teas of China. Big Red Robe is a “rock” oolong tea that originates from the Wuyi Cliffs in Fujian Province, China. Legend has it that a scholar brought this tea to the Emperor which helped to cure his illness. In gratitude, the Emperor ordered a red robe to be made and draped on the trees, earning the name “Big Red Robe”. Today, there are 6 "mother" Da Hong Pao trees remaining on Wuyi Cliff, and these are considered a national treasure. They are no longer allowed to be harvested and the last harvest made from these trees is on display at the Palace Museum in Beijing, China.  All Big Red Robe oolong in the market today is cloned from one of the mother trees. Our Da Hong Pao originates from the Zhen Yang growing area, referring to the protected areas of the WuYi Cliff heritage site. 

Orchid fragrance and roasted red stone fruits are key characteristics of this amazing tea, along with a mellow and lingering aftertaste. This is the Chinatown Tea Lady's favorite charcoal roasted oolong due to its sophisticated melding of roast & fruit & flower fragrance, smooth lingering palate and long steeping power. 

Each ounce consists of 3 packages of tea, each packet can be divided into 2 servings. Each serving can be re-steeped multiple times. 

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Wuyi Cliff (Zhen Yang), Fujian Province, China
Yes, unofficially
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Small tea packets
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