Ancient Wild Tree Black - Premium

This black tea has been harvested from wild gushu (ancient trees which are aged 500 yrs +) on Big Snow Mountain, in Fengqing County, Yunnan Province, China. These ancient trees have been growing quietly for centuries in a forested area near Lincang City. The trees used to make this tea are minimally maintained and seasonally gathered by local inhabitants. No pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides have ever been used on these trees. 

The Chinese have a saying that is wisdom in certain types of tea. This “wisdom” is acquired from having endured centuries of hardship, which according to scientists, trigger the expression of certain genes within the tea plant, resulting in the rich fragrance and flavor treasured by generations of Chinese tea afficionados. Such wisdom is not available in younger tea plants. 

This amazing black tea has a honey caramel base with hints of cassis, apricot & red fruit with slight tannins. The tea soup is gold ambrosia. 

This tea is a must try for those who enjoy intensely fragrant & flavorful tea (this tea has not been flavored or scented) and is a must for tea connoisseurs who are in search for a unique black tea that pleases the palate. 

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    Posted by Maine Teagirl on 2nd Jun 2022

    This is a delicious tea. A bit subtle. Lots of depth. If you like gongfu style (small amounts of water, multiple pours), the flavor really changes.

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Big Snow Mtn, Fengqing County, Lincang, Yunnan Province, China
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Loose Leaf
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