Phoenix Dancong Oolong - "Hong Di" Spring 2022

Phoenix Dancong Oolong is a single bush tea native to Phoenix Mountain in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province. Our Dancong is harvested at an elevation of 600m by hand on Wudong Mountain, known to produce the best dancongs due to its abundant red clay soil with its mineral content, and the presence of older tea trees. 

The Hong Di Phoenix Dancong was harvested in Spring 2022 from trees approximately 40 yrs in age. The tea has been 50% oxidized and lightly roasted, allowing for the complex fruit and floral aromas to remain. It's difficult to express how masterfully the tea has been roasted, as the roast enhances the inherent complex floral fragrances in the tea which linger long on the palate. The taste is sweet and smooth. The dry fragrance is very light and the tea opens and yields intense aromas once imbibed. It's more subtle and complex than the Winter Harvest Phoenix Dancong oolongs. If you enjoy Phoenix Dancong oolongs, this tea is simply a must. It's my favorite of the 2022 Spring Harvest Phoenix Dancong oolongs. 

These teas are produced in very small quantities, and we were fortunate to secure some for our customers! 





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Wudong Village, Phoenix Mtn, Chaozhou, Guandong, China
Pesticide-free, hand-weeded
Caffeine Level:
Loose Leaf