Phoenix Dancong Oolong - White Tea "Bai Cha" - Spring 2022 Harvest

Phoenix Dancong Oolong is a single bush tea native to Phoenix Mountain in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province. Our Dancong is harvested at an elevation of 600m by hand on Wudong Mountain, known to produce the best dancongs due to its abundant red clay soil with its mineral content, and the presence of older tea trees. 

The Bai Cha is also known as White Tea, even though it is an oolong. The tea leaves have been very lightly oxidized and the leaves are not heated nor kneaded, so the tea leaves maintain their natural shape. The tea has a very fresh orchid fragrance and the tea soup is light yellow in color and sweet and clear to the taste. We highly recommend those who enjoy floral white teas to give this white oolong a try. This is an incredible tea, and since it is an oolong from Phoenix Mountain, the fragrance and flavor last for a long time and the tea is great for a longer gongfu session. 

These teas are produced in very small quantities, and we were fortunate to secure some for our customers! 

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Wudong Mountain, Guandong Province, China
No pesticides used, hand weeded
Caffeine Level:
Loose Leaf
Gongfu Brew:
Steep 7-10g of tea in 4oz of boiling water for 5s. Strain out tea leaves and enjoy. Rebrew subsequent 4 rounds at 5s each. Add 2-5s to each subsequent infusion thereafter
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