2015 Ripe Gongting Puerh - Stuffed Mini Orange

This lovely shou puerh has been stuffed into a hand-hollowed mini orange, a special citrus fruit from Xinhui, Guangong Province in China. The little green oranges impart a very unique citrus fragrance to the puerh tea. The combination of the citrus peel as well as the puerh has been long used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its benefits to the spleen, stomach, skin and digestion. Shou puerh is a fermented tea with probiotics. 

Each orange can be brewed either in a mug (pour-over style) or in a teapot for many cups of tea. 

$14.00 for 3 mini-oranges, approximately 1.2oz (varies very slightly). 

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Xinhui, Guangdong Province & Yunnan Province, China
Yes, unofficially
Caffeine Level:
Individual Oranges
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