Phoenix Dancong Spring Tea Sampler

Our Phoenix Dancong oolong sampler kit - by customer demand. We made this kit for those of you who asked to be able to try our different oolongs without having to commit to a full ounce of each. This kit assembles a diversity of spring season dancongs with different aromas and flavors (all inherent, of course)  from a local family farm located in Wudong Mountain in Guangdong Province, China. The tea leaves are all hand harvested from trees over 60+ yrs old and processed very carefully by an artisan tea-master. These teas must be brewed gongfu style and the tea set is recommended for those who already have some experience with gongfu brewing. Of course, beginners are welcome! We will included instructions on how to bring the best out of these most excellent teas.

0.5oz Duck Shit 
0.5oz Magnolia 
0.5oz Honey Orchid 
0.5oz Dark Spring (Da Wu Ye)
0.5oz Fragrant White Leaf (Bai Ye Wang)

The Phoneix Dancong Oolong bundle does not include shipping and does not include gift packaging. 

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